Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising & Testing is responsible for advising and scheduling all new students, in consultation with faculty advisors. The Academic Advising Office endeavors to enhance the educational experience of each student through assistance in discovering his or her abilities, interests, and career objectives. Student progress is monitored each semester and the Academic Advising staff counsels those encountering difficulties.

Disability Support Services (DSS) for the University are available through the Academic Advising & Testing office. DSS exists to assure access to the University and its programs by students with disabilities. The office coordinates and provides reasonable accommodations, advocates for an accessible and hospitable learning environment, and promotes self-determination on the part of the individuals served.

Academic Advising & Testing supports the educational mission of NNU by providing high quality testing services in accordance with the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines and governmental regulations. The services provided for students, faculty, staff, community members, and business partners will be consistently rendered with an attitude of service that demonstrates value for relationships, personal excellence, diversity, and commitment to lifelong learning.

Freshman Schedules

Upon receiving information from new students and major departments, our office puts together a custom schedule for each new student, taking into consideration high school performance, standardized test scores and desired major. The schedule is then sent to the student for review and necessary adjustments.

Provisional Status

Students who have been admitted on provisional status are required to meet with Academic Advising on a weekly basis for their first term of attendance. At the completion of the term, a decision will be made by the Student Progress Committee regarding future enrollment.

Probationary Status

When a student fails to meet school standards (2.0 gpa, 1.75 gpa for freshmen) a support system is automatically implemented. Weekly meetings with an academic advisor provide encouragement and accountability for the student.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes, including the addition or deletion of courses and changes of majors, are done by Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors in the office of Academic Advising. Seniors make these changes with the office of the Registrar.

Academic Concerns

Questions and problems regarding academic standards or courses should be brought to the Office of Academic Advising for clarification.

Special Needs

The Office of Academic Advising assists students with special needs by helping them to become aware of support services that may be available to them.


Every new freshman or transfer student with less than 28 credits is required to take the ACT for admission requirements. Northwest Nazarene University is a residual testing site for the ACT and arrangements can be made through our office to take the test on campus. The math portion of the test can be administered to meet math proficiency requirements. The cost of the test is $50.


The COMPASS test is a computer administered math test that will determine math proficiency. The COMPASS test is offered on the second and fourth Monday of every month. Contact our office to register. The cost is $10. Students must bring a photo id and a calculator.

Correspondence Testing

The Office of Academic Advising and Testing will proctor tests for both NNU and non-NNU students. Non-NNU students are subject to a $25 per test proctoring fee.


NNU uses the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) to determine academic development of our college students. It is helpful in assisting our faculty improve our academic program here at NNU. Areas of strength and weakness will be shown to us so we can work to improve the quality of education our students receive. This improvement will then increase the value of the degrees we offer upon graduation. The CAAP is a graduation requirement and there is no cost to the student. Two testing dates will be offered each year. Any student who requests to take the test at any other date is subject to a $50 fee.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Dantes (DSST) credit by examination options

Tests are offered in a variety of subject areas. Appointments are made on an individual basis by calling 208-467-8463 or sending an email to studenttesting(at) CLEP and DSST charge an $80 fee per exam. NNU's proctor fee is $40 per exam.

Bachelor of Arts: Applied Studies

This program leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. It provides students with a broad program including course work in an applied area coupled with course work in the humanities, in social sciences, and in mathematics and sciences. The program is administered by the Director of Academic Advising in conjunction with major advisors.

Requirements: 60 credits including 12 in humanities, 12 in social sciences, 12 in mathematics and sciences and 24 selected from one or two of the following areas: applied art, business, education, computer science, engineering, English (courses in writing or composition which may include ENGL1030), kinesiology, music (education, theory and applied), nursing, Christian education, social work, and communication studies. In a single focus applied studies major, 12 credits of the 24 credits must be numbered above 299. In a dual focus applied studies major, 16 of the 24 credits must be numbered above 299, with at least 6 upper division credits taken in EACH applied area.

Notation: If music is selected, no more than 3 credits of private lessons may apply. If kinesiology is selected, no more than 3 credits of kinesiology activities or activity labs may apply.